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modify delete 14166 - from ester , 18 y.o. (IDN) - 2014-04-29
Figure ice-skating : "say hello"

hello, I am ester. I'd like to find a new friend. would you like be my friend in this socmed. I'm still in a student of college in first grade.
I wait for your reply :) God bless you :)

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modify delete 14229 - Reply from Ester (IDN) - 2014-05-10

sorry. I am don't know about London. I just stay in Indonesia :)

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modify delete 14181 - Reply from Farel , 33 y.o. (FRA) - 2014-05-01

Je suis Français et je voudrais visiter Londres et continuer d'apprendre la langue... Je souhaiterais venir quelques jours ce mois - ci... Pouvez vous me conseiller ? Comment rencontrer du monde, etc..

I'm french, i would like to come in london for visiting city. You now where can i meet people ?

Thank you

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