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modify delete 14150 - from Tiphaine , 14 y.o. (SUI) - 2014-04-26
Figure ice-skating : "Love ice skating"

I love ice skating soooooo much but I practice since 2 years only. Does somebody do some competitions and can describe me how he or she feels when he/she has a competition??

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modify delete 14566 - Reply from Molly , 103 y.o. (USA) - 2014-08-27

Before you have a figure skating competition You get a nervous feeling or want to throw up,You might be tight in your jumps and spins,and you might just wanna leave.But when it's your turn to shine,you just skate,and forget your nervousness.Ice skating competitions are really fun!!

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modify delete 14287 - Reply from Marielle (SUI) - 2014-06-01

hello :) I practice since 10 years and I did a lot of competitions, when I wake up I'm stressed and in the ice rink that's wore, but when I'm on ice I say me '' you're the best and you will win '' and after this is wonderful :) say you that you're the best and you will skate perfectly good.

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modify delete 14162 - Reply from Amélia , 15 y.o. (FRA) - 2014-04-28

Well, I always feel a little stressed, but I goes away really fast, because I love competition. I am more stressed when my sis' and my best friend (who are way better) are on "stage". :)

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