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modify delete 710 - from coralie (AUS) - 2009-04-26
TV or Cinema producer : "hi"

hey my name is coralie but you can call me cora i speak english and i wanted to practise my german we do it at school and im not very good my favourte colour is blue and i want to be a film tv producer anyway ill be on every day on hotmail and please email back as soon as you can



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modify delete 10351 - Reply from limnyuy pelasius N , 21 y.o. (CAM) - 2011-07-11

greetings my friend
i am a script writer en looking forword to creating my own studio but lack the finances. we have acted a movie on cholera since cholera is hot in cameroon trying to teach the population the ways they could avoid cholera.what is really settings us back is a videa camera and a vioce box in which wereally need assistance. i will be very much happy if you take make as a partner to work with you. my tel. +237 70 01 07 00 hope to hear from you soon.

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modify delete 1406 - Reply from İçim , 16 y.o. (TUR) - 2009-09-07

Hi! I'm İçim. I want to be a film producer. I want to be meet want this people.

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modify delete 932 - Reply from me jung , 20 y.o. (KOR) - 2009-06-07

hi! my name is me jung. I want to be a film tv producer too. iwant to be a friend.
send the email.

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modify delete 842 - Reply from Jun , 17 y.o. (KOR) - 2009-05-22

Hi, My name is Jun and I want to be your friend.

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