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modify delete 39928 - from Judgement wyre , 12 y.o. (USA) - 2021-07-28

Ik being a spy probably is not exactly like the movies but i wanna live it as much as possible i wanna show people that girls could do stuff to i will like to be a spy/secret agent i wanna help out try out gadgets learn new things and i think it will be good to have children to do stuff to because some people wouldn’t suspect a thing they will underestimate us i feel like i will be fit for it because I’m smart i learn quick i sweet talk I’m slick.

39928 -
modify delete 39991 - Reply from sandy , 15 y.o. (GEO) - 2021-09-01

Hello this is Agent Sandy. I am recruiting teenagers to be in an organization for the safety of the world and to save what we call the human race. If I send you this message you have been recruited for training you may ignore this message as you please but once you ignore there's no turning back there are lives at risk and endanger and if you choose to accept there is still no turning back lives at risk and lives at endanger. It will take time for your train we need brains we need Fitness and we need everything that you can imagine. Children of the day are agents for tomorrow. If you want to join I inform you that you should put your email down below. I will talk one-on-one with you and see what's the best agent that you can be and this is for teenagers all over the world.

good luck to all fellow recruits

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