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modify delete 37183 - from Nuno Moniz , 38 y.o. (GBR) - 2020-01-13
Psychologist : "I am also considering a career in Psychology"

Psychology has always been a career path at the back of my mind, however, I have been hindered a number of times due to circumnstances that were out of my control.

I am now in the position where I can opt to follow the path of becoming a Psychologist and it would be interesting finding other fellow colleagues who are also embarking on the same dream. If you are interested in getting in touch then, do not hesitate in replying this message and I will be in touch as soon as I can.

Psychology teaches us about who we are as individuals, it teaches many things that can help other people see who they are as individuals, the formation of their identity and how they can provide a meaningful existence to their inner being.

37183 -
modify delete 37564 - Reply from safa , 28 y.o. (MAR) - 2020-03-28

I have always been looking forward to being a Psychologist

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