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modify delete 36283 - from Sydney , 16 y.o. (IRL) - 2018-12-16
TV or Radio presenter : "BLOG OF 2019!! LOOKING FOR YOU!!"

Hi there! I'm Sydney and I'm 16 years old. I want to make a blog where people from different types of countries describe their cultures and make really funny content for other teenagers our age to relate to! If you have an interest in Journalism, Photography, Outdoors and languages+ it could help in making relatable blog posts about and hopefully one day, the blog will become big and friendly! As well as you, I have no limit yet on how much members this blog will have so if you have any friends that are interested please be sure to let me know and I would love to allow them the opportunity. I hope to hear from you soon and maybe with good news? Thank you for reading! Syd x ps. Sydney is my temporary nickname because I really like it haha!

36283 -
modify delete 38175 - Reply from Harry , 21 y.o. (IND) - 2020-09-09

Hey, I love the idea and would love to be a part of it.

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