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modify delete 36193 - from Ava , 13 y.o. (USA) - 2018-11-22
Painter, Drawer : "I LOVE ART!💕"

Hello, My name is Ava. I love drawing manga styled art and I want to be a comic author when I'm older. Any one here like me??

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modify delete 38701 - Reply from Kazuma , 13 y.o. (USA) - 2020-11-19

Yo! I think we have a lot in common I love drawing anime, and my dream job is to become an anime/manga artist and live in Japan. I'd like to get to know you better.

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modify delete 37929 - Reply from Macha , 13 y.o. (FRA) - 2020-06-01

HI! I love drawing mangas too and watching animes. My dream job is mangaka.

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modify delete 36365 - Reply from Alina , 16 y.o. (GER) - 2019-01-16

heey i am aly, yas i am also really interested in Art. I really wanna do something creative when i am older. drawing is so relaxing, my fav hobby

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