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modify delete 3286 - from Nick , 11 y.o. (USA) - 2010-06-06
TV or Cinema producer : "My studio"

I have my own small studio I made a year ago. I'm looking for screenwriters.

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modify delete 25538 - Reply from Vera (HUN) - 2014-01-05

Hey! I have tons of screenplays ready or almost ready in my drawer. What kind of studio is yours? Is it only for stop motion pictures? Do you want to make films yourself by reading the script or are you looking for someone to do the whole process? :) I'm really interested in it. Hoping to get an answer from you soon. !

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modify delete 18017 - Reply from Paul , 11 y.o. (GBR) - 2012-08-22

JT if you are looking for a stop motion camera how bout hue animation.

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modify delete 13711 - Reply from JT , 12 y.o. (ALA) - 2011-11-30

My name is JT, I'm 12. I want to make animated cartoons and live-action movies. I'm looking for a stop moition camera or animation sowftware to make an animated feature called Tundra the kid. It's about a boy and his brother who get in trouble with the bully-mafia and the kid-police, and they have to get out of the problem. Contact me back.


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modify delete 10347 - Reply from limnyuy pelasius , 21 y.o. (CAM) - 2011-07-11

greetings my friend
i am a script writer en looking forword to creating my own studio but lack the finances. we have acted a movie on cholera since cholera is hot in cameroon trying to teach the population the ways they could avoid cholera.what is really settings us back is a videa camera and a vioce box in which wereally need assistance. i will be very much happy if you take make as a partner to work with you. my tel. +237 70 01 07 00 hope to hear from you soon.

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modify delete 8414 - Reply from madhu (IND) - 2011-05-13

hai im MAD im redy

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modify delete 8100 - Reply from luis , 17 y.o. (USA) - 2011-05-02

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