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modify delete 31196 - from amal , 19 y.o. (TUN) - 2015-12-05
Surgeon : "about a passion"

What it means to you to be a doctor or a surgeon !!? Like what is your purposes from choosing such career !!

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modify delete 37181 - Reply from Addi , 16 y.o. (USA) - 2020-01-13

I'm only a high school student, but I'm pursuing a medical career and shadowing doctors. Anatomy was the first class I've ever been genuinely excited about & I even bought some anatomy textbooks to learn even more! It's something I can do to make a difference like the doctors who have helped me through a ton of health issues growing up :)

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modify delete 31216 - Reply from Dorothea (SWE) - 2015-12-10

I feel like i am going to do something good for the world

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