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modify delete 31124 - from Angela , 14 y.o. (GRE) - 2015-11-22
Surgeon : "Cardio,General or Trauma surgery?"

So as most of us in this Forum I want to be a surgeon (nothing else :) ), and I have plenty of time to be that..If you guys had to chooce your speciallity between those three options what would you choose? (Cardio,General or Trauma surgery?)

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modify delete 35758 - Reply from cristina , 16 y.o. (GRE) - 2018-06-27

hi i will help because i should like medicine an d surgery i always wanted to choose that path but now i dont so for your question if i have to choose something i would choose general surgery

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modify delete 32514 - Reply from Chloe (NZL) - 2016-08-03

I wouldn't choose any of those... :p. I would choose Heart Surgery!

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modify delete 31194 - Reply from Athena , 12 y.o. (GRE) - 2015-12-05

Well,I would love to be a cardio surgeon!I love how the heart beats and all this stuff!

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