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modify delete 27461 - from steven (USA) - 2014-11-28
TV or Cinema producer : "seeking young persons interested in film making,cameras,sound,lighting.etc,,,"

hi,im steven,im from u.s.a,san francisco,california,im a indie film maker and scrpt wrter,im working on a new film and was interested in knowing if any person througout the world would like to share ideas and learn from me about parts of film making processes.maybe later on in future we could collaberate in short film with many persons from different countries shooting small parts of a film together and put a movie together?so,if your interested in sharing ideas and learning film making from my experiance,let me know and we can get together in writing for now.everyone welcome if truly interested in movie making and writing stories. take care,,,,steven v. u.s.a.

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modify delete 39287 - Reply from delilah , 10 y.o. (USA) - 2021-01-28

I would like to write a movie or act in one

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modify delete 37069 - Reply from Esteban Raymundo , 12 y.o. (USA) - 2019-12-06

What about naming a fantasy movie like the boy who summoned mythical creatures when he finds a book that give him a word yo say assertaay AND then the Next day the creatures eggs Will fall out of the sky AND baby creatures all born with a power AND finds each an owner but with a bad guy that wanna get rid of then all

-from Esteban Raymundo USA FL CITY HOMESTEAD

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modify delete 32724 - Reply from Elise , 16 y.o. (FRA) - 2016-09-08

Hi Steven! I'm from France and I would really enjoy to learn more about film making! My dream is to create my own movie where I can really make feel the reality of the people who aren't heard around the world. So i'm really interested by you proposition. Hope you will read this.

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modify delete 32107 - Reply from Anne Marie , 16 y.o. (CAN) - 2016-05-05

Hello! I'm Anne Marie. My dream is to become a film director. I would love to talk to others and learn as much as i can about film and other people's ideas and perspectives. I have been practising but i'm still not the best. I also write short stories regularly and am trying to write a screenplay. I would love to collaborate in the future and share ideas. Hope to hear from you soon!

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modify delete 28184 - Reply from Yeon ju , 18 y.o. (KOR) - 2015-02-26

Hi, I read your post. im very interested in writing stories and thinking idea together. Because id like to become TV DRAMA producer. Although im not good at ENGLISH (T.T) i think we will be good, beneficial, helpful friend ;)
This is my first trace in STUDENTS OF THE WORLD. Im happy to read your writing first.
thank you!

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