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modify delete 27215 - from Livanya , 16 y.o. (SAF) - 2014-10-13
TV or Cinema producer : "Film making"

Hi! I really want to go into film making. I've been doing little projects, nothing major but I absolutely love making movies. My absolute dream is to study at NYFA! If you know more about film making I would Love to talk to you, get more insight!

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modify delete 34053 - Reply from Grace , 12 y.o. (GBR) - 2017-05-04

Hi! That's my dream too! I've always wanted to go to nyfa or London film academy. Sadly I cant afford it but I'm trying too raise money so I can go :-). I go to film club at school and i love it on there! It's the only place I can truly be myself.hope you see this and maybe we will meet again when we are both working on a film!

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modify delete 31860 - Reply from BG , 13 y.o. (NCL) - 2016-03-27

my favorite movie is the alvin and the chiphumks with theodore because is so cute and alvin is so swag i like the scene where alvin fly in the sky is so bad but i like it because i don't khnow what

c u bye guys kiss

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modify delete 28194 - Reply from Lisa , 16 y.o. (NOR) - 2015-02-28

Hi Livanya. :D

I love film making too! I go to a school where we learn a lot about filmmaking. I'm not professional or anything, but it's a lot of fun.

Right now I'm participating in a voluntary project. We get to make our own short movie! It's a lot of fun, but it's also hard work. We're a crew on around 20 teenagers, and it took around 20 hours to film a movie that's 5 minutes long. xD I'd love to discuss more about film stuff with you. :P I'm still a noob, but it would be nice to exchange ideas and thoughts about filmmaking. :) Maybe we'll figure out how to become a film director?

Love from Lisa

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modify delete 27462 - Reply from steven (USA) - 2014-11-28

hi,i read your post,,im steven and a idie film maker and writer in u.s.a.i made a message for young aspiring film makers and writers to get together with me and share ideas and maybe in future collaberate on a short film together from each of our countries. thnx for posting. steven.u.s.a

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