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modify delete 21853 - from Jeong Won , 14 y.o. (KOR) - 2013-08-15
TV or Cinema producer : "i luv movies"

I like going to cinema on weekends or any spare time.
My favorite movie is Harry Potter,Up etc..:)
I'd like to make a movie like fantasy when I grow up and also a documentary about life of athletes life (gymnastics, figure skating, swimming etc.)
I know lots about movie scores (film soundtrack)!
For example, I'd like to recommend 'legends of the fall','Black Beauty','American on Paris','Forrest Gump' etc. These are all my favorites!

21853 -
modify delete 26012 - Reply from Iadora , 14 y.o. (ALG) - 2014-03-22

hey I luv harry potter too

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