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modify delete 20311 - from Jenny , 14 y.o. (GBR) - 2013-01-31
Astronomer : "May the F=MA be with u :P haha"

Hi I'm Jenny. I am a massive physics nerd. I want to be a physicist or astronomer. I love quantum physics, theoretical physics. Just physics. Brian cox, Stephen hawking and Patrick Moore are legends! To be honest all my friends find physics way too confusing and I really want someone to talk about science with!

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modify delete 26586 - Reply from Jasmine , 16 y.o. (USA) - 2014-06-27

Hey!I am so happy I found this post. I love physics and would really enjoy having an intellectual conversation with someone about something I have a passion for. My friends are the same and I can relate to the struggle of having no one to talk to about science. Feel free to message me for my email and we can talk :)

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modify delete 21223 - Reply from Liza , 13 y.o. (RUS) - 2013-05-30

Hello! My name is Liza. I'n 13 years old. I live in Moscow Region. I love physics very much but I don't want to be a physicist becouse I think it's very difficult.
I'd lika to improve my english. Can yoy help me with it? My e-mail is lizastar

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