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modify delete 18553 - from avindie , 15 y.o. (SRI) - 2012-09-16
Astronomer : "beginning of the universe"

is the big bang theory the cause for the beginning of the universe??
how has the planets formed??how has the universe originated??

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modify delete 26221 - Reply from Sanduni , 17 y.o. (SRI) - 2014-04-24

I am a amateur astronomer like you.My point of view relating to your topic is not to jump into conclusions saying big bang is what caused the formation of this universe.There are contradictions.

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modify delete 18642 - Reply from Deidranai , 17 y.o. (USA) - 2012-09-23

Well no one is really sure of how the universe was actually created. Some believe in the big bang theory and some believe in the divine theory,which is the theory that god created universe and life here and where ever else. Some also belive that planets have formed by masses of gravity pulling pieces of debris together and somehow an atmosphere good enough to sustain life just appeared. Everyone's answer is an opinion so you can never be sure of what is correct amd what is not.

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