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modify delete 1536 - from Adiputri , 16 y.o. (IDN) - 2009-09-26
Vulcanologist : "The reason"

Wow, it seems like nobody's here yet.
Yeah, so I begin it :)

I want to be a vulcanologist because my country, Indonesia, has so many active volcanoes till now. So it will be really great if I can do a good deed for ny country.

You know, the worst volcano eruption which ever happened is in Indonesia.
So, I really want to be able to help my country to solve problems about volcanoes. :)

Can you guys also tell me the reason you are willing to be a vulcanologist?

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modify delete 17525 - Reply from Aris Yanto , 37 y.o. (IDN) - 2012-07-24

Hi, All.

I'm a indonesian Vulcanologist independent from Indonesia, and in Indonesia we have hundreds of Active Volcanoes, and every months have a volcano eruption.
I like to take photo of On Going Eruption you can see same photos here

I looking for Jobs as assistant of People in the world who want to research or study for active volcanoes in Indonesia.

also if any university want to give me scholarship program for Volcanologist science, I will be happy to take that..

regards from Indonesia

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modify delete 2953 - Reply from adi putri , 16 y.o. (IDN) - 2010-04-19

thank you for your care :)

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modify delete 2929 - Reply from kelly , 12 y.o. (GBR) - 2010-04-17

i Have always been fascinated by how our planet works and having visited Hawaii on several occasions i loved seeing our earth at its most distructive and yet most beauiful.

If i can help in even a small way to expand mankinds understanding of how these amazing natural beauties work or even be able to predict there iminent eruption i would deem my life to have been well spent.


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modify delete 2146 - Reply from Liz , 12 y.o. (USA) - 2010-01-04

That sounds very noble!

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