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modify delete 97648 - from Pei (Alaska (USA)) - 2014-02-02
Middle school : "Hello ,teacher."

I want to get the education in your shool,can i?I am come from CHINA .If you want to kwon me more,please emile me.
Thank you very much.

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modify delete 124738 - Reply from John (Australia) - 2018-11-16

Hello PeiYuQi, please call me John, your students may call me Mr John, I come from "the land down under", Australia I have students for you from Australia and around the world because this is what we do, we talk to everyone especially on Skype and Group Skype, so that we can speak to people from around the world at the same time. One of my teachers, Ms Linda was working with student Angel, in Nairobi, Kenya, Africa a five-year-old with only basic English but on Group Skype I was talking with student Francis, in Manila, The Philippines, I had only taught her English, 5 minutes before but both girls, ACROSS the world from each other and from myself, began speaking in English to Mr John near Sydney Australia and Ms Linda, being a Christian thought it was a miracle, yes, a miracle of technology. You can download Skype for free, from the Internet, your students will see my words and hear my voice is simultaneously, and they can playback everything that you see written, to listen and practice over and over again, penpa,lPeiYuQi, regards, John.

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modify delete 101815 - Reply from deziray (USA) - 2014-11-03

hi my name is deziray im from Toledo,ohio and I thought it would be cool to talk too someone eles im onley11 and im in 6th grade and if you would like to know me more send me a letter back please

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