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modify delete 37075 - from Kayla (Alaska (USA)) - 2010-10-23
Primary school : "Hello"

Hi My Name Is Kayla I Live in the USA in a state called Oklahoma We Have Lots Of Tornados. we had one i 1999 it was huge it turned into 2 tornados!! it lasted about 2 days whats it like where you live? Kayla

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modify delete 108919 - Reply from Monica (China) - 2015-11-01

Hello,I am a girl,can you do my penpal?

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modify delete 104538 - Reply from HAL軱 (Turkey) - 2015-07-22

Hey I live in Turkey.I want to practice english.

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modify delete 99252 - Reply from Anil (Nepal) - 2014-07-21

I am from Nepal and It is land locked country. I have not seen ocean yet.
astrokathmandu is my nick name

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modify delete 98524 - Reply from (China) - 2014-05-23

hi.I want to make some friends,my english is very bad,I hope you can emile me.

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modify delete 98154 - Reply from lili (China) - 2014-03-28

hi I from to china ,my name is spring ,I want a friend in other nation!

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modify delete 74688 - Reply from 李璇 (China) - 2013-06-09

i want make friends to improve my oral english .and i also want knew more cultures about other countries.

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modify delete 73989 - Reply from jaggy (India) - 2013-04-09

hi i m fine

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modify delete 73838 - Reply from Edy (China) - 2013-03-25

Can we make a friend?

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modify delete 73662 - Reply from Ana (Brazil) - 2013-03-04


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modify delete 72697 - Reply from Danielle (USA) - 2012-12-05

What's up?How are you doing?My name is Danielle, and I am looking for penpals to write letters back and forth too.

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modify delete 72423 - Reply from Yang (China) - 2012-11-17

Hi,can make friends with you?

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modify delete 47176 - Reply from celine (France) - 2012-09-23

Hello, I am a teacher of a class of 27 pupils of cm2, 10-year-old, to Sottevilles Rouen, in the suburb of Rouen, regional capital of the Haute-Normandie, in France.
I look for addresses of school almost everywhere in the world to make my pupils "travel. They took shape and skipped into an envelope. They added drawings, photos, they appeared, what said what they liked, what they did not like, they present their school, their close environment. If you agree to receive our letter, you can send back to(dismiss) us a mail in which your pupils appear in their turn.
My objective is to make discover to the children that all the children of the world have common points and that there are differences also.
In the hope that this proposal catches your attention,
C閘ine Charrier

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modify delete 44504 - Reply from YanpingLiang (China) - 2012-06-06

I am from China,I need a friend.Maybe my English is very poor,but I still want to a penpal.I have many trouble in life.I don‘t know who is,if you are intersting with me. We can become friends,I believe.I will waiting for your letter.

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modify delete 44317 - Reply from shiny (China) - 2012-05-19


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modify delete 43075 - Reply from li (China) - 2012-01-19

Hello, I'm li. I come from China .I hope I can make some friends.
I'm looking forward to your reply.

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modify delete 42713 - Reply from Marta (Poland) - 2011-12-13

Hi, I'm interested in school project, that can be exchanged between schools. We can write something about us, our school and country, add some pictures and send to your kids. They will do the same- we can practise our english, get to know each others countries and engage our students into something interesting. Do you want to share the information via e - mail or by letters?
Marta from Poland

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modify delete 41776 - Reply from ashley (USA) - 2011-10-14

well it is usally hot here in texas it hardly rains and wen it does rain sometimes it dont rain for a long time only a couple of minutes but sometimes it rain s all day and night and i think its nice to have rain for once to cuz the ground is so dry and it needs moisture but most of the time its hot and dry here

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modify delete 38403 - Reply from Joanna (China) - 2011-03-13

hello,i am Joanna from China,and i am 13 years old,i want to chat with all friends.

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modify delete 38177 - Reply from jack (USA) - 2011-02-19

i never saw a tornado before

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