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modify delete 3114 - from claudia (Colombia) - 2005-02-26
: "Hello!"

I am a primary English teacher. I really want to exchange information with teachers about interesting activities I can apply in my classes.

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modify delete 29032 - Reply from james (Canada) - 2009-02-13

hello!! My Name Is James I Am In Grade 3 and i want a pen pal From Coblumia

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modify delete 23639 - Reply from Rhyon (USA) - 2008-02-01

Dear Teacher,

My name is Rhyon I live in California, USA and I am 15 years old. I am a 10th grade student at Narbonne High School ( in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

As part of a class project, my History teacher has asked me to contact a school in Colombia I am therefore trying to locate a History (or English – in non-English speaking countries) teacher who would be interested in an e-mail exchange between our classes. With Global Warming an increasing concern to all of us, everywhere, I am hoping to find out how this issue is affecting young people in Colombia.

Please let me know whether such an exchange would be of interest to you and your class. If you would like to contact my teacher, Mr. von Bergman, you can reach him via the school website at

Thank you very much.

Narbonne High School

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modify delete 6313 - Reply from simon (Ivory Coast) - 2005-10-31

ok have read you message and iwont to be your freind.

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modify delete 3122 - Reply from bichara (Comoros) - 2005-02-27

je demande un aide aux directeurs des etudiants universitaires car j'ai mon frere qui a eu le bacchalaureat au comores et que des maintenant nos familles pas des moyens pour lui eduquer alors je demande s'il vous plait aux directeurs des universites en chine ou au malaisie de trouver une solution de mon frere car il est la bas il ne fait quelque chose
vos reponses sont tres important
je pentiente a vous

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