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modify delete 22684 - from valarie (Alaska (USA)) - 2007-12-04
: "we are a 6th grade class"

we are looking for pen pals to correspond with through the mail.

22684 -
modify delete 127358 - Reply from Vanessa Campos (USA) - 2019-12-17

Hello! I have a 11 year old niece that is looking for a pen pal we are in California.

22684 -
modify delete 125653 - Reply from Alandri (South Africa) - 2019-05-14

Greetings from Sunny South Africa,

I am an English Teacher looking for Snail-Mail Pen Pals for my class.
I have a grade 5/6 class of 20 kids.
They have in turn challenged me to Pen Pal the corresponding teacher.

Please get back to me as soon as possible 😊

PLG Midview Primary School

22684 -
modify delete 121014 - Reply from emily (Peru) - 2018-03-01

I am from Peru, we have children of the same age in our school to penpal with your children. If you have interest, contact me

22684 -
modify delete 112599 - Reply from zuzana (Slovakia) - 2016-09-01

Hi, I´m an English teacher from Slovakia. I teach children from 10-15 years.
We would like to learn more about different cultures in the world and share our own culture by mail.
Best wishes:)

22684 -
modify delete 103364 - Reply from leina (Korea) - 2015-04-02

Hi my name is leina. I'm from korea. I want to make another frinds. Our countury has four seasons. It's spring, summer, fall, winter. It's very beautiful.
If you want to know korea,whenever give me a messases.

22684 -
modify delete 103012 - Reply from levi (Kenya) - 2015-02-17

Our school would like to penpal with your class they desighn lovely crafts would like to learn your cultures and lifestyles

22684 -
modify delete 101601 - Reply from Chaz (USA) - 2014-10-23

I am a computer teacher in Phoenix,Arizona USA. My Middle school class would LOVE to find pen pals from another state or country.

22684 -
modify delete 101587 - Reply from Kwame (Ghana) - 2014-10-22

Hi I'm Kwame From Accra Ghana, at the moment working on two schools, I will like my students to have exchnage programs with your students, sharing ideas, writing snailmails, and learning about each others nation and the way they live. Let me know if you are interested in corresponding more. I will like to know you more. Thank you


22684 -
modify delete 101377 - Reply from Jerome (France) - 2014-10-09

I teach English to 2 6th grade classes, and my pupils look for penpals. They'd really like to communicate with English speaking children.
We are in Normandy, between Paris and the "Channel" coast.
We're looking forward to hearing from you.

22684 -
modify delete 97602 - Reply from Brenda (USA) - 2014-01-28

I teach low income preschool in Illinois and I am looking for pen pals to learn about geography. Most of my students can write their name and copy words. They enjoy drawing pictures. It would be good practice for the older kids writing to them and we can read it to them. My students can write or draw something corresponding to them. Thanks

22684 -
modify delete 97495 - Reply from adama (Senegal) - 2014-01-20

i am from senegal i am 33 and i am english teacher in a privy school i am want to have a link with you

22684 -
modify delete 97420 - Reply from emmanuel (Ghana) - 2014-01-14

hi,am emmanuel ofori from great to have you as a friend

22684 -
modify delete 97126 - Reply from Niki (USA) - 2013-12-09

I teach 6th grade, and I am also looking to write letters via snail mail for writing class.

22684 -
modify delete 78169 - Reply from Miss Rousseau (France) - 2013-11-17

I'm a French and English teacher in a French High School (North of the country)
I'd like my pupils to talk to American students. They are between 15 and 17 years old.
We hope you'll receive our message and accept our proposition.
Miss Rousseau

22684 -
modify delete 77431 - Reply from Dominik (USA) - 2013-10-09

Me and my brother love talking to people throughout the mail

22684 -
modify delete 76357 - Reply from Rebeca (Spain) - 2013-09-05

I am a primary school teacher from Barcelona I would love my students to get in contact with your students.

I send you this e.mail to propose you pen-friends who are the same age! Then, they will be able to discover new cultures, exchange ideas, stamps, postcards, improve the knowledge of a foreign language (your syudents can practice Spanish if they are interested to)

Please, let me know if you are interested and then we could talk about details!

We look forward to a successful working relationship in the future.

22684 -
modify delete 75829 - Reply from Nicole (China) - 2013-08-18

Hello!Nice to meet you.I come from China. Now I want to find a penpal to converstation .Then I can improve my English. Maybe we have many common hobbies.I hope we can become good friends.

22684 -
modify delete 74834 - Reply from amelia (Australia) - 2013-06-20

We are 25 kids. We are 8 and 9 years old. We want a pen pal class. Interested? Email me

22684 -
modify delete 74094 - Reply from Jennifer Pittser (USA) - 2013-04-18

I am a daycare provider that has a group of 6-7 years old. Was looking for somehitng that they could do during the summer. I did this as a kid and loved it. Let me know!

22684 -
modify delete 74088 - Reply from Jennifer Pittser (USA) - 2013-04-17

I am a daycare provider that has a group of 6-7 years old. Was looking for somehitng that they could do during the summer. I did this as a kid and loved it. Let me know!

22684 -
modify delete 73664 - Reply from Ana (Brazil) - 2013-03-04

Hi !!!!

22684 -
modify delete 73663 - Reply from Ana (Brazil) - 2013-03-04


22684 -
modify delete 73486 - Reply from Orhan (Turkey) - 2013-02-18

hi, there. ı am an ELT of 9th-11th grade students (About 14-16 years old.) By the way I am male and 26. If you can contact me through the mail, I guess me and my students will be really eager to meet, share ideas or chat whatsoever. The school is equipped with smartboards so we can arrange a whole meeting on the net if you like. Take it seriously.

22684 -
modify delete 73367 - Reply from Rachael (USA) - 2013-02-06

I have a 6th/7th grade class of 20 that is looking for penpals to correspond through the mail. Let me know if you are interested in being our penpals.

22684 -
modify delete 73260 - Reply from Andrea (USA) - 2013-01-25

my name is Andrea and I am the Gifted Coordinator at Clairton City School District. I have a group of 5 students who are looking for pen pals. (two boys 5th grade) (three girls: 1 4th grade, 1 5th grade and 1 6th grade)

I hope you don't mind the age range, but if you are interested, I don't think the different grade levels would be noticeable.

Please contact me and let me know how you feel about working together.

22684 -
modify delete 72802 - Reply from Angela (USA) - 2012-12-12

Hi,Im Angela im twelve and I live in,CA I would really love to have a penpal. I'm also in 6th grade and would love to be penpals with one of your students!(:

22684 -
modify delete 72698 - Reply from Danielle cox (USA) - 2012-12-05

Hi my name is Danielle, and I am looking for penpals to write letters back and forth too.
I would love to write a letter to you.

22684 -
modify delete 47974 - Reply from nesibe (Turkey) - 2012-10-29

I am interested in your message. I am an englısh teacher and I have got seventeen students at 6th grade class, an eighteen 7th grade class. They are twelve and thirteen years old. If you are still looking for pen friends for your students please write me.
Nuri Bermek Primary School, Ulasli, Kocaeli, TURKEY.

22684 -
modify delete 47499 - Reply from Ana (Spain) - 2012-10-04

Hello teacher:
My students want to have a class to class written exchange.They are from 12-18. Our classes have just started and they are writitng some letters to send to different schools all over the world. They are very interested in this project, so I'd be glad if you want to participate in this exchange.
If you prefer sending me an email first, it's Ok, but if you want to start immediately we only need an address to send our letters or send yours first if you like.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
PD. My address is:

Ms. Ana Soto
Estudios Paco Feliz
Av. Basilio Alvarez 1

22684 -
modify delete 45951 - Reply from ranjanee (Sri Lanka) - 2012-08-25

i am a school teacher from Sri Lanka who teach science to children age 10 to students like to have pen-pals all over the world.

22684 -
modify delete 45950 - Reply from ranjanee (Sri Lanka) - 2012-08-25

i am a school teacher who teach science to children age 10 to students like to have pen-pals all over the world.

22684 -
modify delete 45292 - Reply from Caroline (Taiwan) - 2012-07-25

Hello my name is Caroline~ i am from Taiwan and 12 years old~ nice too meet you:))

22684 -
modify delete 43424 - Reply from zoey (China) - 2012-02-15

HI~My name is Zoey,I come from china,I am a girl .I would like to cross the English - speaking pen pal , because my English is very bad , if you want to learn Chinese , you can add me , together we learn from each other,Look forward to hearing from you , thank you

22684 -
modify delete 43022 - Reply from sellou (Senegal) - 2012-01-14

Hi,my name's sellou from west africa in senegal.I'm a student at the Cheikh Anta Diop University.I've been leanrning English .... about American civiliszation and literature also English civilization and literature even African literature.So ,i would be greatfully if you accept to be my penpal then we're going to make exchange and i won't fail to talk you about African literature and for sure you'll be surprising i'm waiting for your answer.senegal kiss you.

22684 -
modify delete 42275 - Reply from Magali (France) - 2011-11-11


I teach English in a French high-school :
I would like to know if you're still looking for penpals.
My students are between 14 and 18.
Let me know if you are interested !

22684 -
modify delete 42262 - Reply from Ibrahim (Burkina Faso) - 2011-11-10

Hello,i should be very happy to correspod with you. this is my email, i hope you will respond. see you soon

22684 -
modify delete 42084 - Reply from filiz (Turkey) - 2011-10-29

ı am an english teacher in students are also in 6th class if it is necessary can you contact with my students...

22684 -
modify delete 42065 - Reply from habab (Uganda) - 2011-10-28

am i allowed to be

22684 -
modify delete 38762 - Reply from nividu (Sri Lanka) - 2011-05-10

i am niviu edirisinghe, i am from sri school of royal college sri lANKA.

22684 -
modify delete 37926 - Reply from Emily (Germany) - 2011-01-18


My name is Emily Kirkland, and while I am originally from Vancouver, Canada, I teach ESL to a grade 5 class in Frankfurt, Germany. Would your class be interested in having penpals? We only have 7 students: 3 girls and 3 boys.


22684 -
modify delete 37892 - Reply from Karin Ehrler (Germany) - 2011-01-12

We are a 6th grade class too. The students learn English for already two years and are really looking forward to having contact to some native speaking English persons. The class consists of 30 people but they are working in pairs, so that they can help each other with their English.
The name of our school is "KGS Wiesmoor" in Northern Germany.

Looking forward to hear from you!
In case you are interested please send me your e-mail address so that we can arrange our contact

22684 -
modify delete 37047 - Reply from oshaegh (USA) - 2010-10-20

hi im 11 years old and would love to talk to a girl im a girl to and i have a hores and dogs and cat plz pick me

22684 -
modify delete 37006 - Reply from Marlena (USA) - 2010-10-18

Hi I do not have an account but I am interested in setting up a penpal program with another school and our school if you are interested please call me at 313-768-6665 my name is Marlena Duren and I will be waiting for your call and we can set something up if you are still interested because we are.
Thank you

22684 -
modify delete 36966 - Reply from Amy (USA) - 2010-10-16

I am a teacher from Colorado looking for another 6th grade class to become penpals via snail mail. I have a total of 47 students that I teach. Let me know if you are interested in pursuing this! Thanks

22684 -
modify delete 36621 - Reply from xuemei (China) - 2010-09-29

I call XueMei prince, I hope to have a foreign pen Pal, I am a girl, a student, I hope to make foreign friends.

22684 -
modify delete 36424 - Reply from soza mouzaki (Greece) - 2010-09-23

I am a teacher who teaches English in a private school for foreign languages in Greece.
If you are interested, please let me know, so as to give you more details.

With kind regards,
Mrs Soza Mouzaki

22684 -
modify delete 35326 - Reply from B'ashae (Australia) - 2010-08-09

Hi, I'm looking for some pen pals for kids aged 9-11 (years 4 to 6) would be great to hear from you.. snail mail would be prefered.. this is for a school based activity

22684 -
modify delete 34785 - Reply from Li zhang (China) - 2010-07-06

I am a chinese gile

22684 -
modify delete 33868 - Reply from bethan (Great Britain) - 2010-03-25

Hi..My 6th Grade Class Would Like To Be Penpals With Your Class.Thanks

22684 -
modify delete 33442 - Reply from Lydia (Spain) - 2010-02-09

Hello!!! I have several classes interested in exchanging letters, emails with other students around the world. Would you be interested? My students are 12 years old. Thanks

22684 -
modify delete 33029 - Reply from emmanuel (Ghana) - 2010-01-09

We are very happy to write to you this letter informing you about the inadequate resoureces in our school.In the first place Sir,we are inneed of some technological tools like computers which aids in exploring and aquiring knowledge.Sir we heard about your website which we decided to write to you but because we dont get enough access to the internet we werent able to write to you earlier.Our school is in Ghana and we will be happy if our request will be granted and offered.We are inneed of story books too as to improve the reading skills of the children in this school.The name of the school is Baiden Walker in the central part of the Ghana.Our address is :
Mr Emmanuel Hanson
Baiden Walker JHS
Box ab 56
Abura Dunkwa c/r ghana

hope to hear from you soon byeeee.We are also hoping to have penpals from your school thanks for reading.

22684 -
modify delete 32844 - Reply from marcel (Cameroon) - 2009-12-22

Hello, do you know Cameroon (located in Africa)? If ever you are interested of cultural exchange let me know.

Have some nice hollidays.

22684 -
modify delete 32464 - Reply from Miriam Soria (Mexico) - 2009-11-12

Hello, My name is Miriam I'm a sixth grade teacher in Culiacan, Sinaloa Mexico, and I want my students to practice their writing skills and also meet other children through their letters.
I am very interested in having a pen pal program or club, so my students can exchanged letters, cards, pictures, etc...
Thank you and looking foward for your response.

Best Regards

Miriam Soria

22684 -
modify delete 32319 - Reply from maria (Greece) - 2009-11-02


we are classes aged 9-10, 11-12, 12-13, 14-15. we'd like to find penpals all over the world and learn everything about their lives and countries, via post. If you are interested, let me know :)

22684 -
modify delete 31425 - Reply from Chen (Korea) - 2009-09-14

I have 16 penpal letters to send to a school from my middle school students here in Korea. It was a part of thier summer English assignment.
I would like to know if you have 16 students willing to reply.
I can post all the letters to you if you can gaurentee a reply before November (as school is out then).
They are eager to hear from other students.
Please let me know ASAP.
Chen Lie, Middle School ESL teacher in South Korea.

22684 -
modify delete 31190 - Reply from taylor (USA) - 2009-08-31

hi my name is taylor i am 11 years old im going into 6th grade this year whats you mail address so i can send you mail? Email me back! thank you

22684 -
modify delete 30861 - Reply from Roger (Ghana) - 2009-08-08

I'm a teacher and I will like my students to write to your students,so if you agree reply to this note

22684 -
modify delete 29697 - Reply from carolina (Chile) - 2009-04-11

are u still interested in sending letters? uz' I have 2 groups of 5th grades 45 students each. and they very interested in sending letters.
let me know ok??


22684 -
modify delete 28802 - Reply from alex (India) - 2009-01-26

I am,pls give forther details.

22684 -
modify delete 28731 - Reply from Michelle (USA) - 2009-01-20

I have 90 6th grade writing students who are interested in writing via snail-mail to other students who can respond in English. Please contact me ASAP if you are interested. We will have our letters ready to send out by the end of the last week of January 2009.

Michelle Spence
6th grade Language Arts
Lone Star Middle School
Nampa, Idaho USA

22684 -
modify delete 28403 - Reply from Victoria (Russia) - 2008-12-24

Do you still want to have penfriends? We are Russian!

22684 -
modify delete 27890 - Reply from jacqui (Great Britain) - 2008-11-18

Dear Valarie
I saw you details and was wondering if we could correspond. I have a class of students aged 11 who would like to learn about other cultures, countries. lifestyles etc. Please could you email me if this is possible
Many thanks Jacqui

22684 -
modify delete 27443 - Reply from ISABELLE (France) - 2008-10-20


I teach English to 10 to 15 year-olds in France and I'm looking for penpals for my pupils. I'd love to do an exchange with your school if you're interested


22684 -
modify delete 26723 - Reply from Yvette (Canada) - 2008-09-12

Hi I am a Grade 6 Teacher in Halifax Nova Scotia and we are looking for a class to be pen pals with this year. We would like to write letters and send some via email as well.

22684 -
modify delete 26704 - Reply from Julie (Ireland) - 2008-09-11

Hi Valerie,
I am a 6th grade teacher from Ireland. I teach 22 boys and girls of about 11 and 12. If you are interested in having your class correspond with mine through mail please contact me. I think it would be a fantastic oppurtunity for my students to explore another culture while practicing letter writing. I would hope to get started right away.

22684 -
modify delete 26471 - Reply from Ghislaine (France) - 2008-09-02

I teach English in a small rural schoolSouth East of France. I am looking for a teacher who would like to work with me. My pupils are aged13 to 15. I won't make them all work on the project. We'll see that later on.
If interested, please send a message sooN .
Bye, Ghislaine.

22684 -
modify delete 25976 - Reply from mohamed (Morocco) - 2008-07-30

I am very intersted to correspond with you . I am a teacher in a primary school

22684 -
modify delete 25171 - Reply from Nor (Algeria) - 2008-06-07

dear friend
I'm ateacher from algeria and I want to be your friend.
your's sincerly

22684 -
modify delete 25038 - Reply from Johan (Sweden) - 2008-05-22

Hi. i am very interested to be your pen pal. We can correspond through email if you are intrested

22684 -
modify delete 25037 - Reply from Johan (Sweden) - 2008-05-22

Hi. i am very interested to be your pen pal. We can correspond through email if you are intrested

22684 -
modify delete 25036 - Reply from Johan (Sweden) - 2008-05-22

Hi. i am very interested to be your pen pal. We can correspond through email if you are intrested

22684 -
modify delete 24626 - Reply from auguste (Senegal) - 2008-04-14

salut je m appele auguste je cherche des correspondance a travers le monde entiere

22684 -
modify delete 24597 - Reply from Brooke (USA) - 2008-04-12

My class is in the 7th grade and will be friends with you.

22684 -
modify delete 24523 - Reply from dilara (Turkey) - 2008-04-06

I am 9th grade.I want to chat with you for learning english.Best wishes

22684 -
modify delete 23025 - Reply from hicham (Morocco) - 2007-12-25

HI over there ....!
I'm an English teacher. I teach students aged between 13 and 16 years old.
I have some very briliant students in english.
So I find good to give them this opportunity to practice English.
I had such experience with an American teacher in New Jersy...She is information technology teacher.
In general it was a most good experience.
So you very welcome to my garden to do some writings.
bye bye
Send me on

22684 -
modify delete 23022 - Reply from Zahid (Bangladesh) - 2007-12-25

I'm plz tell me the next step.

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