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modify delete 1051 - from orlando ortiz (Panama) - 2004-08-12
Middle school : "I need an opportunity to improve my English"

I am needing an opportunity to share my knowledge in the English language I finished my career in English in the University of Panama but I need a training because in this way I could work in the coming years in the University of Panama offering my knowledge to many students in my country but I need to improve in communication so I need this opportunity to practice my knowledge,I am willing to work very hard and give from me the best, I have all recommendations from the university of Panama and when I studied in Wagner College Staten Island New York, I would be very thankful if somebody help me to get this purpose.

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modify delete 115293 - Reply from Manes Pierre (USA) - 2017-01-31

Hi, I am Manes Pierre. I am an associate professor for the University of Phoenix. In addition, I am a certified ESL teacher, working in Massachusetts, USA. I will be happy to share my English knowledge with you. Good luck!

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modify delete 31926 - Reply from STEFAN (Kenya) - 2009-10-10

Kindly get in touch through my e-mail address i will couch you through the internet.


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modify delete 22042 - Reply from David Gaitan (USA) - 2007-11-07

What is it exactly, that your trying to accomplish ? I was born in Panama. My mother is Panamainian and I have relatives still living there. Maybe I can help you in some way. I also need help with my spanish.

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modify delete 15662 - Reply from patrick kapela (France) - 2006-11-10

bonjour sir
i just wanted to know if you can give us more info about admission at the panama university , thank you so much

yours pkl

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modify delete 3604 - Reply from Robert (USA) - 2005-05-04

Orlando, If you wish to write to me, I will be happy to correspond with you. I read your ad on the website. I live in Tennessee of the USA. Please tell me more about yourself and your family.

I have never been to Panama, except in passing through the airport to make a connecting flight once to Ecuador. I wish you the best.

A friend in Tennessee, Robert

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