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modify delete 102315 - from Daniel (Alaska (USA)) - 2014-12-07
: "English Language Learners looking for foreign penpals"

Hi my name is Daniel. I have a Social Studies class (world geography) currently with 17 students who have varying degrees of English proficiency. Students are in grade 7 and are between the ages of 12 and 13.

We are looking for penpals to exchange information about Yup'ik culture and life in rural Alaska (the only way in or out is by plane, boat, or snow mobile in winter). We would love to learn more about your culture and what life is like where you live. Students can exchange photos, emails, actual letters and boxes, and videos. Students have expressed interest in learning more about China and Japan, but we would love to hear from people from anywhere in the world.

Please, only reply if you are a teacher with a class that is similar in size and age to ours. If you want to Google our village look up Mountain Village, AK.

Quyana (Yup'ik for Thank You) -Daniel

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modify delete 128054 - Reply from Alecio (France) - 2020-07-27

Dear colleague,

My name is Alecio and I'm an English teacher in a collège in Northern France, teaching pupils from 12 to 15 years old. I am looking for a simple and informal cultural exchange in English on a free virtual platform (Padlet, Drive, you name it...) with any class in the world to let pupils introduce themselves in English, talk about their school, their favourite singers, post pictures of their timetables, etc. Plus, I actually had a lesson plan based on Alaska scheduled for next year :-)

If you are interested in running such an exchange in the coming 2019-20 school year, please e-mail me at :

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modify delete 127722 - Reply from Matias (Chile) - 2020-03-31

Estoy interesado en hablar con ustedes

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modify delete 125652 - Reply from Alandri (South Africa) - 2019-05-14

Greetings from Sunny South Africa,

I am an English Teacher looking for Snail-Mail Pen Pals for my class.
I have a Grade 5/6 class of 20.
They have in turn challenged me to Pen Pal the corresponding teacher.

Please get back to me as soon as possible 😊

PLG Midview Primary School

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modify delete 124739 - Reply from John (Australia) - 2018-11-16

Hello Danieli, please call me John, your students may call me Mr John, I come from "the land down under", Australia I have students for you from Australia and around the world because this is what we do, we talk to everyone especially on Skype and Group Skype, so that we can speak to people from around the world at the same time. One of my teachers, Ms Linda was working with student Angel, in Nairobi, Kenya, Africa a five-year-old with only basic English but on Group Skype I was talking with student Francis, in Manila, The Philippines, I had only taught her English, 5 minutes before but both girls, ACROSS the world from each other and from myself, began speaking in English to Mr John near Sydney Australia and Ms Linda, being a Christian thought it was a miracle, yes, a miracle of technology. You can download Skype for free, from the Internet, your students will see my words and hear my voice is simultaneously, and they can playback everything that you see written, to listen and practice over and over again, penpal, Daniel,regards, John.

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modify delete 123992 - Reply from Charlotte (Mayotte) - 2018-09-30


I'm working in high school in Mayotte ( France) with student from 11 to 15 and I will like to let them have some penpals. They are beginner in English.
hope you will be interesting to have a correspondence ( writting by email or spoken by webcam, video...)

Best regards.

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modify delete 115223 - Reply from JOSEPH (Kenya) - 2017-01-24

hello we are a school run by the community in our slum area our students would like to penpal interact learn about your cultures and lifestyles they also design lovely crafts ,my names are joseph levi

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modify delete 114928 - Reply from breezy (USA) - 2016-12-30

i am a 14 year old girl from minnesota who is very willing to write back and forth with your students

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modify delete 111322 - Reply from Ray (USA) - 2016-06-22

I am a 6th grade Social Studies teacher and I am looking for pen pals for my classes this fall.

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modify delete 109606 - Reply from gülden (Turkey) - 2015-12-13

Hi Mr. Daniel, agai me that's Gülden. If you interested in please send me an e-mail. My e-mail is:
Thanks and have a nice weekend
Gülden Bilgin

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modify delete 109605 - Reply from gülden (Turkey) - 2015-12-13

Hi! My name is Gülden. I am an English teacher (Turuncu College) in İzmir, Turkey. I have got 11-13 aged students. My students want to improve their writings and learn ney cultures and also meet new peoples. They are so enthusiastic. Please reply me!

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modify delete 109333 - Reply from Derek (China) - 2015-11-21

Hi.Mr.Daniel!My name is Derek.I am a student from China.I am pleasure to learn more about the different culture between ours.I like English,but I always can't hold this lauguage.So,I hope you can gave me some advice about how to learn English well.As a student for the most important test,I wonder more,which is help for my subject.
Thanks!(Maybe I can't reply your lettle at once)

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modify delete 108586 - Reply from Gönül (Turkey) - 2015-10-18

Hi, Daniel.My name is Gönül and I'm an English teacher in Turkey, Ankara (the capital city of Turkey).I've got many students whose levels shows variety and my students are in grade 5-6- and 7.

We have got penpals from three other countries in Europe but we'd like to meet the other country people and share a lot of things that we'll prepare.And maybe we can do exchange trips to learn different cultures.If you're interested in please send e-mail me.My e-mail address is: and my facebook address: Gönül Yazılı.

Thank you.

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modify delete 107930 - Reply from vera (Brazil) - 2015-09-21

Hi! My name is Vera I am from Brasil.

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modify delete 107561 - Reply from Fatima (Spain) - 2015-09-08

Hi, Daniel!I am an English teacher at a school in Fuerteventura, a small island in the Canary Islands, spain. I have students of the age you are asking for. I'd really love my students to get to know your culture and customs.
hop eto hear from you

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modify delete 103286 - Reply from zhao si yuan (China) - 2015-03-21

I' come from China,I want to find a foreign friend to help me learn, if you want, please contact me, thank you and QQ:2424283019

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modify delete 103088 - Reply from Lisa (Austria) - 2015-02-24

Hello Daniel,

i hope it is not obsolete but i've read your penpal ad. I'm a teacher of geography and intercultural pedagogy in little Austria-a country in central europe- and my class (6th grade-- so btween 10 and 11 years) is doing a project bout polar regions .. Therefore i would enforce an exchange with your students, as you living in the pretty cold region, we are about to learn...
It would be really nice, if my students receive some information about their everyday life and living in colder region and in comparision we can share information from our country ;) as good as my pupils can write in english- as their mother tongue isn't english. Lisa

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modify delete 103011 - Reply from levi (Kenya) - 2015-02-17

Hello we are a school from kenya we desighn lovely crafts and also would like to,learn your cultures and lifestyles and we welcome you to kenya

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modify delete 102420 - Reply from Tiana (Russia) - 2014-12-13

Hello, Daniel. I am à teacher of English from Russia. I work for the secondary school in the Ural region. My students' ages range from 11-13 and there are about 30 children.We are looking for penpals to exchange information about Russian culture and life in the Ural region. It's one of the richest and biggest region in our country.We would happy to learn more about your life and culture. I'd love to hear back from you, as soon as possible.

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