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modify delete 18268 - from Carolyn , 15 y.o. (Taiwan) - 2019-03-22
School : "Looking for someone who knows the education in Switzerland well"

Hello, I am a 15-year-old student from Taiwan. I am having a series of classes about Europe at school and I am the delegate of Switzerland in the model European Parliament of the classes and we have to make a report of a topic of the country that we represent. I chose to do the education in Switzerland, so I hope someone could help me about that. Thanks a lot if you reply. ;)

My REF number: 1372046

18268 -
modify delete 18273 - Reply from angie , 20 y.o. (usa) - 2019-04-06

Hello! I am a student of University of Hartford. All information about this university and the other universities you can find in I will happy to help you) Good luck)

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