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modify delete 17935 - from Linda , 15 y.o. (Korea) - 2017-12-30
School : "The true, substantial education"

In the world, also in our country, students has learned and studied only for their test or grade. It means that students study only for their own test, not for their substantial life. It is because the world's education is leading that education, studying for the test. When our teachers said "This concept is so important that you have to memorize all of these concepts." Students immediately notice that it will be on the test, not thinking it usually uses in their daily lifetime. However, I think that education is wrong. The true education should be able to be used in real life based on contents learned practically rather than urgency in memorizing textbooks and examinations. For example, the real reason why we study English is that communicating with others, but we don't have time and opportunities to talk others with saying English. We learn English in school only vocabularies and much grammars which is not using in daily life too. Also, education changing is not only for English. It is also for other subject like math, art, science, language. I dream is to change our education method to practical and creative. (Education revolution!) How about your thoughts? I'm really curious about other people's ideas.^^

* If you have other opinions or more ideas about that, please share your thoughts here. *

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modify delete 18358 - Reply from angie , 20 y.o. (usa) - 2020-02-22

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modify delete 18357 - Reply from Olga , 47 y.o. (Germany) - 2020-02-09

Dear Linda,

you posted your message about 2,5 years ago, but I only now saw it, still I´d like to reply. As a teacher I can tell you about my own experiences. Good grades is all most students want. They aren´t interested in what they can do with the stuff they learn, they only study to pass the next test. My attempts to do something creative usually cause negative reactions. They always want to know whether or not they will get a grade on the task. Or whether or not it will be in the next test. If my answer is: no, but it´s a useful task because it develops your skills - they are reluctant to do it. Plenty of colleagues have made the same experience; maybe that´s why things we do in English classes are mainly working with vocabulary and grammar! On the other hand, try to communicate without the vocabulary and grammar, LOL!

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modify delete 18299 - Reply from Wenyuan , 14 y.o. (China) - 2019-06-12

China is the same, but best students in my class can always remember to use knowledge to deal with daily life, that’s quite brilliant, I really like the life in European and American schools, the students learn for themselves and learn by themselves, studying becomes interesting and fun. In China, however, the teacher tells you what to remember. Sometimes my English teacher teaches something that’s never used among British and Americans! Grades mean everything here. I don’t like this although exams are useful, but we have to obey this.

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modify delete 17936 - Reply from lillian , 12 y.o. (usa) - 2018-01-02

I think people should be taught mostly the things we use in daily life. But we should study the things in textbooks and try to reward ourselves a higher education. But your right, it would help if teachers and parents showed the students where they will use things in daily life. I think, especially highschool students, students start to see school simply as a place to make friends and study for the next test. And some students may be pushed to get better grades in certain subjects (e.g A in Math C in Language Arts A in Science so on) But I feel they need to be recognized not as people who fail, but as people who have succeeded. Even if it's just a certain subjects, you don't need to have good grammer to be a accountant. And as long as they do know what they need to, they can succeed.

Education is important. But we need to recongnize where students talents lies, and need to show them were things can be used.

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