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modify delete 44328 - from Qiaoman , 14 y.o. (China) - 2021-08-27
Cinema : "Any fans of Marvel?"

I love Marvel Studio soooooooooo much!Are u the same with me? Who is ur favorite and why? Cap is mine! He was the first man I confirm as handsome. Actually, I like all of them (except Walker) And u? Hope to hear from u guys

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modify delete 44347 - Reply from Manishi , 15 y.o. (Sri Lanka ) - 2021-09-10

I LOVE M.C.U TOO. And I also agree that cap is handsome. Just Like you I like all of them as well. But I think I like Loki the most. I just don't know why. He just seems like a poor broken soul to me.

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