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modify delete 34558 - from Georgia (GBR) - 2020-08-11
Wolf : "Hi I am georgia,"

Hi I am Georgia and I like animals art and learning about diffrent people! I am learning Spanish and the guitar.

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modify delete 34762 - Reply from Alex_ , 10 y.o. (BUL) - 2020-11-22

Hi! I like wolves too. I wanna study Spanish too, but I'm still not studying. I play the guitar too!I hope we can be friends! And if you want too, type me so we can talk about what songs we know and yea... 😊

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modify delete 34605 - Reply from Bella , 12 y.o. (USA) - 2020-09-13

I love wolves! They are so close and have bonds that are almost impossible to break. I am learning Spanish, Portuguese, and violin.

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