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modify delete 31520 - from Soizic , 11 y.o. (FRA) - 2016-07-31
Guinea-pig : "Cochon d'Inde a vendre, pas cher."

Bonjours, je chercher des gens pour donné des cotons d'Inde, J'ai des bébés comme des adultes.
Nous vous prévenons que nous les donnons pas a c'eux qui les mange.
Si vous voulez plus de renseignement, répondez moi.
On a des cochon d'Indes de toutes les couleurs.

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modify delete 31555 - Reply from Lola , 12 y.o. (FRA) - 2016-08-10


I saw your message (Hi everyone. It would be fun writing with other guinea-pig-lovers around the world! I have four guinea pigs. Write us! :-D)

I LOVE guinea pigs ^-^

We could be pen pals, but I only do snail mail. I prefer using a pen than typing, and handwriting is so much nicer to look at than a computer screen!

Well, you can e-mail me in case you like snail mail too ~

Have a nice day,

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modify delete 31554 - Reply from Vald , 17 y.o. (BEL) - 2016-08-10

dear friends. IDuring my life i had 3 guinea pigs and it's very pity these animals can die very quickly. That is so sad when you pet dies. And vet can't help in this situation. My guinea pig darvin loves cucumbers very much. Also with pleasure he eats parsley )))I adore my pet and wants him to live a long life

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modify delete 31553 - Reply from Soisic , 9 y.o. (FRA) - 2016-08-10

J'ai 2 cochons d'Inde, un tout blanc qui et une femelle et un mâle blanc et orange.

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modify delete 31552 - Reply from Mae , 13 y.o. (SUI) - 2016-08-10

Hi my names Mia and I have two guinea pigs called Rosie and Marbles!!!
They're soooo cute, and if you want to be my friend and find out more about them send me a message and I will answer! See ya!!!

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modify delete 31551 - Reply from Léon , 12 y.o. (FRA) - 2016-08-10

Il y en a qui en mange?

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