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modify delete 31179 - from Lily (GBR) - 2016-04-15
Deer, Roe deer : "The deer at Weald Country Park"

When I went to Weald Country Park (South-West England), my heart absolutely melted at the young deer they have there. They are so young, only one of them had full horns! I figured out he was the alpha male (the leader of the gang) and the others either had stubs for horns or no horns at all- the females and babies. As I fed them and looked into their stunning eyes, I felt as if this captive cage was totally NOT right for them! Although, the positive thing was, they had tons of room and people feeding them loads of deer food every day. But, I guess they'll be okay.

Please reply if you think I'm right! Seeya!

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modify delete 35591 - Reply from Ariana , 9 y.o. (GBR) - 2022-11-21

Hi Lily I totally agree that when you look at the deer's or any animals in cages it is sad but at least its better then them being hunted down in a forest by hunters. ( yes I know I'm replying to a message that was posted ages ago) Also I'm new here and I'd love if any of you guys would like to be my Pen Pal!!

Bye animal Lovers!

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modify delete 31474 - Reply from Kate , 12 y.o. (GRE) - 2016-07-16

Hello Lily.
I agree, animals don't deserve to be in captivity, but they probably are there for a good reason. Especially in England. Maybe the owners of the park did it to keep them safe from cars and other means of transport and/or humans. Greece has done a smiliar thing called "Arkturos" (It's hard to read in english) where they protect bears and (i think) wolves. So I agree with you.

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