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modify delete 27555 - from Phoebe (IDN) - 2014-10-28
Snake : "Snakes"

My dad and I both love snakes. We keep some ball pythons - they're my favorite breed, along with eyelash vipers.

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modify delete 31352 - Reply from Leonard T , 13 y.o. (ZIM) - 2016-06-03

The eyelash viper is named for its scales above its eyes. The eyelash viper is hemotoxic and the venom can destroy your blood cells in no time.

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modify delete 30791 - Reply from Nathan , 9 y.o. (USA) - 2016-01-12

cool! I have never heard of an eyelash viper! can you tell me more about it?

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modify delete 27684 - Reply from Brian , 11 y.o. (USA) - 2014-11-24

Hey, this is Brian and I love ball pythons. I am a very animal kinda guy and I hope to be an animal biologist. reptiles are one of my favorite categories of animals. I'm going to get one when I'm a bit older.

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