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modify delete 27550 - from Dani (MLS) - 2014-10-24
Guinea-pig : "i love guinea-pigs but i am afraid to carry them"

my sister has one as a pet , i just touch him only cause i'm afraid to carry him .. he is just the cutest thing ever , i love him to bits ... his name is Muffin ... his cute face could kill me .. i love to see him eat , drink , sleep and yawn ... his real full name is Edward Ronald / lord muffin / baby fin ... the truth is , i am afraid of every animal no matter the size or type ... i will never carry any animals even if its big or small or tame or wild ... but i don't hate them ... animals and i are like strangers ... ( i don't harm them , they don't harm me )... i just look at them and admire them from a distance :)

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