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modify delete 26915 - from alice , 10 y.o. (CAN) - 2014-06-22
Guinea-pig : "I like guinea pigs too!"

Guinea pigs are so cute! but my mom do not like guinea pigs...^^

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modify delete 30284 - Reply from Evelyn , 11 y.o. (USA) - 2015-09-27

Guinea pigs live short lives? They can last 5 years. My mom once had one that died of old age.

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modify delete 26976 - Reply from Vlada , 11 y.o. (UKR) - 2014-07-13

dear friends. IDuring my life i had 3 guinea pigs and it's very pity these animals can die very quickly. That is so sad when you pet dies. And vet can't help in this situation. My guinea pig darvin loves cucumbers very much. Also with pleasure he eats parsley )))I adore my pet and wants him to live a long life.

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