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modify delete 11073 - from Kate , 28 y.o. (USA) - 2012-09-13
Hippopotamus : "Hippos, of course"

Why do I love hippos? Because they look so wonderfully rediculous, and yet they spend so much time in the water. They're really graceful swimmers. They seem adorable, but they're really powerful and extremely territorial. Want to guess what animal is responsible for more human deaths in Africa than all the rest combined? Yup! They don't like it when you get in their space. They'll chop wood boats in half. I once got a chance to feed one, with proper supervision, in a zoo program,) and he started closing his big old head near my hand. I got spooked and dropped the cup of food, cup and all into his mouth. He opened his mouth again and the cup was smashed. Oops! It was pretty funny. Luckily they told me it's happened before.

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