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modify delete 10823 - from Lor , 11 y.o. (CAN) - 2012-08-07
Hummingbird : "Hey"

Everybody why in no one caring about dragonflies
They are spectacular bugs. Always so pritty but Aperently nobody cares please start caring

Message from Lor of Canada

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modify delete 32220 - Reply from Laura , 15 y.o. (CAN) - 2017-03-31

I definitely care about dragonflies. They are gorgeous creatures and my mom and I love to photograph them in the summer.

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modify delete 32218 - Reply from Hodel , 14 y.o. (USA) - 2017-03-29

Dragonflies are amazing. They can move pretty fast and they are beautiful to look at. Do you like Dragonflies that much? I think its awesome. Oh nice to meet you.

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