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modify delete 10757 - from Anya (AUS) - 2012-07-29
Snake : "Who doesn't"

We had a snake in our house recently it was an ADORABLE little olive python ( so cute ) I just adore snakes we had a giant carpet python once next to our house a few years ago • huge •

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modify delete 11367 - Reply from Emily (AUS) - 2012-10-08

I am very happy because i own a carpet python and a dyamond python lol

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modify delete 10996 - Reply from Hailey (USA) - 2012-08-30

I love snakes!! My schhool had this ball python that would attack people, but he just loved me!1 ^^ He wqas soo cute. Then I moved. I loved Bob the ball python... Snakes are seriously misunderstood creatures.

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