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modifier supprimer 9613 - de Serena , 19 ans (BEL) - 2013-02-19
Patinage artistique : "Hello"


My name is Serena, i'm a 19 year old student.
I recently started to ice skate. Two months ago I started to take figure skating lessons.
In the beginning I thought it would be so easy to do all those tricks, but I soon enough realised that it's a really difficult sport. But I love doing it, it's such a gracious sport. Unfortunately, figure skating isn't that popular here in Belgium. I don't get to see a lot of competitions on the television. I did see the Four Continents. How lang do you practice figure skating?

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modifier supprimer 9829 - Réponse de raju , 35 ans (IND) - 2013-03-27

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