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modifier supprimer 27538 - de Livi , 12 ans (USA) - 2022-03-01
Danse : "Ballet"

I used to do ballet, before I moved, and it was really fun! I performed the Tarantella, an Italian folk dance, made friends, and learned so much! If you live in Pennsylvania I highly recommend Keystone Ballet Academy 🩰

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modifier supprimer 27587 - Réponse de eduarda , 14 ans (BRA) - 2022-05-27

hello my name is eduarda i'm from brazil and i'm a student and i would like to communicate with people from another country i hope we can become friends!!!

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modifier supprimer 27554 - Réponse de whan , 15 ans (THA) - 2022-04-07

Hi! My name is wonder to day i practice English. I'm sorry if the language is bad. I want to know if she danced because she thought her feet would hurt.🥲

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