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modifier supprimer 27366 - de Ruby , 11 ans (USA) - 2021-07-05
Danse : "Ballet 🩰"

I love dance I started when I was 5. I’m really good at it. But I always get really nervous before a recital. Any advice?

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modifier supprimer 27503 - Réponse de Lisa , 16 ans (USA) - 2021-12-10

Hi, Ruby!

I practiced ballet and tap dance when I was in preschool, and I would love to rejoin it! Whenever I had a recital, I looked for the people I knew inside the audience, for example my friends or family. If you know the dance and your only worry is stage fright, I totally understand where you're coming from! I believe in you, Ruby!

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modifier supprimer 27502 - Réponse de Zoey , 9 ans (USA) - 2021-12-09

you will be great dance like nobody is there

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modifier supprimer 27469 - Réponse de Aurelie (USA) - 2021-11-01

HI, I recommend imagining nobody else is in the room with you as you dance. Hope this helps!!

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modifier supprimer 27405 - Réponse de Alicia (ESP) - 2021-08-24

Hi! It usually helps me to take a moment to "disconect",for example listening to music with my eyes closed. It can be "calm" music or "angry" music, whatever works for you! Hope this helps :)

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modifier supprimer 27387 - Réponse de Melanie (UGA) - 2021-08-03

trust your self and believe because i know that you can do it

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modifier supprimer 27367 - Réponse de Ella , 11 ans (USA) - 2021-07-05

Hi Ruby!
So I am no professional but I get nervous as well. What I do is practice at home, and make sure I know the dance confidentially and performing it is not as hard and nervous. If this doesn't help I would be happy to privately chat you!

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