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modifier supprimer 26886 - de Ja'Maria , 15 ans (USA) - 2020-05-16
Boxe : "Hellooo wonderful people!!!"

Hi, as you can see I like boxing. I've been boxing ever since I was 9 y/o up until papa taught me ha.But if you wanna talk about boxing or whatever, i'll be welcome to hear.Bye-bye

26886 -
modifier supprimer 27265 - Réponse de Steve (USA) - 2021-02-13

Greetings. From. The. United States. Of. America. Just. Wanted. To. Say. Hi. And. Letting. You. Know. That. Everyone. One. Here. In. The. USA. Are. Good. People. Don’t. Let. Anyone. One. Person. Tell. You. That. Alll. Americans. Are. Bad. We. Are. Not. All. Bad. Ok. Well. This. Is. For. Now. Hope. To. Hear. From. You. Soon. And. Have. A. Goid. Day.

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