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modifier supprimer 25978 - de alya , 13 ans (MLS) - 2018-07-18
Hand ball : "how to be a good player on handball?"

Hi!How are you guys?Today i would like to ask you about how to be a good player on handball.Can you guys answer my question?I hope you guys replyy question.Bye!

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modifier supprimer 26216 - Réponse de Marek , 14 ans (NED) - 2018-12-14

Hey, I've played handball for over 8 years and I play in the team that is one of the best on the leaderboard in the Netherlands, and since I'm one of the better players on the team I think I can anwser your question. Being good doesn't just mean that you can throw the ball hard and accurate but also that you can pass the defence and set up attacks, you also must a team player and have a bond with the entire team. Being good in one thing requires more than you being able to score many points, beacause after all it's a team sport.

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