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modifier supprimer 25649 - de mackenzie , 16 ans (USA) - 2018-01-18
Hockey : "HIIIIIII"

I love hockey sm, looking for a pen pal to write to frequently!

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modifier supprimer 27260 - Réponse de Simen , 16 ans (NOR) - 2021-02-05


My name is Simen, i am 16 years old. I live in a small town in Norway called Sarpsborg. In Norway the climate are cold . I live in a house with my mom, dad and my older brother. I play ishockey for a team called Sparta Sarpsborg.

I study on a school called St.Olav. This is a high school. A typical day for me is morning skate with my team, then go to school around 10:35 AM to

14:50 AM After school i train 16:00 AM. And have the rest of the day off. On my school we have a lot of homework.

Where are you from?

How is the climate there?

What are your interest?

What are you doing in your everyday life?

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modifier supprimer 26954 - Réponse de Amaya , 13 ans (SRI) - 2020-06-17

Hi I'm from Sri Lanka. I play field hokey .Would you like to be a good pen pal?

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modifier supprimer 26119 - Réponse de mehara , 16 ans (SRI) - 2018-10-16

hey. I am Mehara in Sri Lanka.. I am Hockey player of our country. Do you like to made some friendship for me????

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modifier supprimer 25831 - Réponse de Breanna (USA) - 2018-04-25

Who's your favorite team??

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