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modifier supprimer 23586 - de Magda , 18 ans (GBR) - 2015-10-21
Patinage artistique : "I love figure skating!"

I love figure skating and ice skating, even though I can only ice skate so far. My mum was a figure skater and I love ice skating with her and my older sister. We live far away from our closest ice rink so we skate once a month. I wish I could ice skate more often!

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modifier supprimer 23589 - Réponse de Loan , 16 ans (USA) - 2015-10-22

Figure skater? Really? I used to skate every morning at 5 AM but I have two Bs in school so my mom won't let me skate during the week. I live twenty minutes from two different rinks. And one of them has four sheets of ice!! Sorry if it sounds like bragging. WHat is your highest jump? Double? Triple? I only started skating when I was 14 so the most I can do is a lutz jump.

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