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modifier supprimer 15728 - de Rhiannon , 16 ans (GBR) - 2015-05-28
Patinage artistique : "Hey :)"

Hey everyone I'm Rhi. I love figure skating, even though I can't actually figure skate. I'm a huge fan of Yulia Lipnitskaya and Elena Radionova. I'd love to talk to a figure skater :D

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modifier supprimer 23513 - Réponse de Maude , 17 ans (CAN) - 2015-10-02

Hey! Im canadian and I practice figure skating since im 7, so it is my 11th years. I also gave lessons to kids for 5 years. So if you have any questions about this sport, come talk to me :)))

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modifier supprimer 23479 - Réponse de Emerald , 17 ans (CHN) - 2015-09-27

Hello! I'm a fan of figure skating too. (who can't skate as well) Though I'm a bigger fan for Yuzuru Hanyu, I enjoy Yulia and Elena's performance, too. Elena has performed well in this year's World Championship which I've been there and her costume in free skating really impressed me.

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