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modifier supprimer 14877 - de fantine , 17 ans (FRA) - 2014-10-08
Hand ball : "handball and friends"

Hi:), I play handball for eight years. I would like improve my english because I like it and I must speak english for the future.
I'd like to meet other student.
I live in france center, in Riom. it's a small community therefore it isn't famous town.
so "see you soon"

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modifier supprimer 15269 - Réponse de JERRY (GHA) - 2015-01-13

HAPPY NEW YEAR. I am john Jerry Kandy Eshun from Ghana ( west african ). i am undergraduate university student pursuing Bachelor of Sciences ( Psychology ). i am also a key player in my university sport team. I am also the handball captain in my university and assistance volleyball captain. i also play badminton and football as well. I was born a very fearful christian family. i really knoweth that one day with your free time you will be able to visit me and so as mine. I want to tell you something great about my country. My country have many tourist attractions, cultures and heritage, panafest, forts and castles. Many foreigners come to my country for holidays because of all the attractions we have. Hopefully when you are able to come around, i will be showing you all the things we have. Hoping to hear from you soonest.

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