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modifier supprimer 40242 - de Amaani , 11 ans (GBR) - 2022-03-24
Ecrivain : "WEEKLY TIPS: 1"

Hi, I randomly decided to share weekly writing tips
1: ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS make notes. Plan out the basic story line of the book, write a list of chapters and what happens in each of them. Then just follow that guide and flesh out your story. I always used to be so lazy about this, but now I've been doing it and it helps SO much. It will make sure you don't lose track of what's going on in your story.

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modifier supprimer 40346 - Réponse de Jackie , 12 ans (CAN) - 2022-07-16

Wow I didn't know his could help that many people.

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modifier supprimer 40342 - Réponse de Jackie , 12 ans (CAN) - 2022-07-14

Another strategy is freewriting which is writing all your ideas on a piece of paper. Then put it into a planner and work from there with drafts until you have a final project

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modifier supprimer 40246 - Réponse de Amaani , 11 ans (GBR) - 2022-03-29

Thanks! I'll be sharing any tips I come across every week, and maybe they'll end up helping other writers!

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modifier supprimer 40244 - Réponse de Madeline , 11 ans (CAN) - 2022-03-27

Thank you for this tip! It is something I really struggle with usually because I lose interest in my original idea due to not planning enough, so thank you for this.

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