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modifier supprimer 40190 - de Madeline , 11 ans (CAN) - 2022-02-22
Ecrivain : "Hi! I love writing, so here is a preview of a story I'm writing!:)"

Lizzy and Harper Barnes were world famous scientists, known for creating crazy mixtures that cured severe illnesses. They had a huge lab that was located underground in London, England that no other soul in the world knew how to get into. Or so they thought.
One night, after a long day of mixing and stirring on an attempt to cure cancer, Lizzy and Harper decided to get some well needed rest and get back to work in the morning. They had a built in house connected to their lab, with more stuff then any human could ever need.
“I think we should go to sleep, now, Harper.” Lizzy mumbled, rubbing her hazel eyes wearily.
“But what if somebody breaks in?” Harper asked in his usual state of worry.
“Our lab is underground with fourteen security measures and six security guards. I think we’re good. Besides, how can we work properly without a good night’s sleep?” Lizzy argued.
“But I’M not tired.”
“Yeah right. You’re using the paint splattered counter to steady yourself. Come on, we’re going to bed.” Izzy dragged Harper out of the lab, and into their bedroom. She dropped Harper in the bottom bunk, and took her seat at the top. “Good night, partner.” She yawned.
“Good night.” Harper replied, his voice muffled by his pillow.
Meanwhile, three small figures lurked around the entrance to Lizzy and Harper’s lab.
“It has to be here somewhere.” A dark, raspy voice came from one of the figures.
“Come on, can we just go back to our base? We’ve been searching for hours, and it’s past midnight. I’m exhausted.” The smallest of the three whined.
“NO! We can’t give up now! We’ve been plotting to ruin these lab rats’ reputation for years now! And we’re so close, I can taste it.” The tallest yelled, his voice echoing off the dark, empty streets of London.
“Yeah.” The first cloaked figure and the leader of the group agreed. “And we didn’t binge watch every possible channel on T.V that mentioned them for nothing. This could be our victory!”
“Fine, whatever. But if I collapse, it’s on you.” The smallest crossed their arms in defiance.
“Wait! I smell something.” The tallest whispered. “It smells like something… radioactive.”
“FOLLOW IT!” The leader demanded, the smallest nodding their head vigorously in agreement.
The tallest continued to smell the air, until it became so strong they nearly fainted.
The tallest pointed to an uneven layer of concrete. “This is it.” He said.
“Perfect! Good work, Alexander. Tyler, pull out your concrete blaster.” The leader ordered.
Tyler, the smallest, pulled out a slim, gray, dull looking gun from his black cloak. “This one, Gus?”
“Yeah, that one. Do it!”
Tyler took a deep breath before pulling the silver trigger, sending hundreds of tiny red hot bullets at the concrete, causing it to melt away.
Tyler, Alexander, and Gus gasped when they noticed a sleek black ladder sticking up from the hole.
“Yes!” They exclaimed in usion. The three had met eleven years ago, when they were ten years old.
Since then, they’d been plotting against Lizzy and Harper but nobody knew why.
This was the closest they’ve ever gotten to achieving their goal, to ruin Lizzy and Harper’s reputation as the best scientists to ever live, and nothing was going to stop them now.
Slowly, one by one, they descended the ladder. They gaped at the sight of the magnificent lab. They were the only ones other than Lizzy and Harper themselves who had actually seen it, and it was certainly a sight to behold.
Tyler paused before following Gus and Alexander. “Wait- what about the fourteen security measures we heard about on the news? You know, like, the passwords?”
“Nobody cares about that, Ty.” Gus smiled in pride as he examined a thin test tube filled with a mysterious purple liquid. “We’re lucky we got off easy.”
“Yeah! I mean, look at this!” Alexander shouted in excitement, holding up a book labeled, ‘Easy Elixirs’.
“Shh! You’re going to wake them up, Alex! And don’t let your hood down, in case there are security cameras.” Gus put his finger to his dry lips.
“And what about the six security guards? Huh? What about those?” Tyler demanded.
“I don’t know, nobody cares, shrimp! What matters is that we do what we need to do and get out of here before we get caught!” Gus placed the test tube back on the marble counter.
“So then, what do we do, Gus?” Alexander asked, clueless though he’d played a huge part in creating the plan itself.
“What do you mean??? Dude, have you been brainwashed or something? The plan, dude, the plan!” Gus whispered harshly, shaking Alexander’s shoulders.
“Right.” Alexander nodded, adjusting his black framed glasses.
“In case you need a reminder, our plan is to unleash a fatal pandemic, leaving traces of it everywhere in this lab. Then, we will proceed to frame these idiots and we will be victorious and powerful!” Gus boomed proudly. “I’ll do the mixing and creating, Alex can leave traces of it everywhere, and Ty, you’ll be on watch to make sure nobody sees us and hand me the necessary items. Got it?” He instructed.
He didn’t wait for a reply. “First, the ingredients. I have been planning this recipe for AGES!”
“We.” Tyler interrupted. “We have been planning this recipe for ages.”
Gus cleared his throat. “Right. Anyways, first, give me that green bag.”
“Which one? There are a million green bags in here. Green is like, the science color.”
“Shut up, man.”
“No you shut up!”
“Can we just get to work, guys?”
“Seriously, you are the lousiest work partners ever!”
“Yeah right.”
“What did I do?”
“Just give me that.”
Eventually, with a lot of work and arguing, there sat a vial of what would be the deadliest virus to ever live. Alexander had left obvious exposure of all the ingredients around the lab, so Lizzy and Harper were sure to be blamed.
The three boys high fived in celebration. “This is it, guys!” Gus exclaimed with pride. “Our victory in a vial!”
He put on three layers of plastic gloves and grabbed the vial. “Now let’s get out of he-”
Before he could finish, a large, muscular man tackled them. When he’d pinned them all to the ground, Tyler mumbled, “I told you so.” Under his breath.
“You guys are going to be in BIG trouble for breaking into this lab.” The man’s gruff voice stated. “Or maybe I should just take care of you, one by one.” He lifted his fist above Tyler’s terrified face. “You first.”

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modifier supprimer 40222 - Réponse de Madeline , 11 ans (CAN) - 2022-03-12

Thanks! Nice to meet you!

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modifier supprimer 40219 - Réponse de Morgan (USA) - 2022-03-10

Hi Madeline! I like your story so far! I'm Canadian too but my family moved to the US.

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modifier supprimer 40196 - Réponse de Madeline , 11 ans (CAN) - 2022-02-25

Sure! And thank you so much, that means a lot!

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modifier supprimer 40195 - Réponse de Isabella , 12 ans (FRA) - 2022-02-24

Hi, I read your story, and I liked it! I also love writing, can we be friends?

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modifier supprimer 40191 - Réponse de Madeline , 11 ans (CAN) - 2022-02-22

It's really long, so I hope you take the time to read it! :) I'll post more of it soon if you enjoy it!

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