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modifier supprimer 40110 - de Diana , 14 ans (USA) - 2021-11-20
Ecrivain : "Just messing around with a word document"

Her eyes narrow toward the darkened vault

Counting the starts above her head

Her fingers point out the faint details

That the average soul would have certainly overlooked

And he noticed these simple attributes

Alongside her childlike outlook on the universe

And carefully placed his words

To align her emotions like a perfect puzzle

She listened with intent

Watching his lips move from corner to side

While he recited the lines

From deep within his complex mind

She formulated a response

Gentle and lovely

Against his hopeful mindset

That balanced his speech

And then they slipped into each other’s arms

Afraid yet overwhelmed with newly equipped excitement

As they perched below the night sky

With the cold breeze brushing their skin

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