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modifier supprimer 39915 - de Maddie , 10 ans (CAN) - 2021-07-16
Ecrivain : "L.U.N.A Prologue"


“Wear it.” Insisted Garry Yearns, one of the most famous managers in the music industry, holding a black tube top and slightly jostling it around. “If you want to make money, this is what you wear.”
Luna twiddled her thumbs nervously behind her back. Luna was a 17 year old girl, and one of the most famous pop stars ever. Though, she was commonly known as ‘L.U.N.A.’
“I don’t know… it’s not really my style…” Luna mumbled nervously, biting her lip.
“Your ‘style’ doesn’t matter in the music industry. Fans like tube tops. So if you want to be liked, wear it.” Garry shot back, waving the tube top more vigorously.
‘I do want to be popular…’ thought Luna, observing the tube top, though it was hard to see clearly because it looked like a blur with Garry wagging it around faster than a dog waves its tail when it hears the ‘W.A.L.K’ word.
“Ok, I guess.” Agreed Luna, taking the tube top doubtfully.
“That’s the attitude!” Beamed Garry, nodding his almost bald head enthusiastically.
Luna plastered on a fake smile. She was concerned though. She’d been a pop star for a few months, and until now, she’d never been asked to wear a tube top.
“Oh, and it’s ‘bout time we released a new single, huh?” Garry thought out loud, lifting his overweight body off of his leather office chair, and brushing his knees off, even though they were crystal clean. “I’ll ask Joey to write us a wicked rap.”
Luna’s jaw dropped. She’d always written her own songs. She liked that process better than actually singing. And since when did she rap? She’d never rapped in her life!
“Um, Garry- could there be some mistake? I’ve always written my own songs- and I’ve never rapped! Ever.” Asked Luna, fiddling with the tube top nervously.
“Oh, ha! I know, I know. But this is what the FANS want.” Explained Garry, patting Luna’s back so hard she almost fell over.
“Oh. Right.” Murmured Luna, frowning.
“That’s my girl.” Encouraged Garry, leaving the room.
That left Luna with her thoughts. Do I want to do this? I can turn back, right? Am I being used? Does my opinion matter?
‘Maybe it’ll turn out to be fine.’ Thought Luna, looking at the tube top. ‘Of course it will.’ Decided Luna. ‘I mean, wealth and popularity. What else could you ask for?’
Luna felt more confident now. So what if she wore a tube top? So what if she didn’t write her songs? And rapping could be fun! ‘Yeah.’ Thought Luna confidently.

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modifier supprimer 39950 - Réponse de Shuhua , 14 ans (CHN) - 2021-08-07

Wow, this is really great!

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