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Ecrivain : "Heart of the Night: Chapter 10"

Luna had nearly totally forgotten her old day time life. She felt as though she had live here among the clouds and stars all her life. She knew all the places and creatures that lived in the night. She knew which clouds were sturdy and which stars were safe. She could leap almost just like Vastwars and sing the night songs.
Vastwars, watching her as Luna was playing with the owls in the forest one night, decided it was time. The next evening, before Luna had even fully woken up, he grabbed her and half dragged, half pushed her from cloud to cloud. 'Wait a minute' said Luna in shock, 'it's much too early to go down to the ground. It's only sunset. It's much too early for us to be active at all!' 'We have to make an exception for once.' And before the naturally curious Luna could ask why they had already landed in a field and Vastwars had ordered her to mount him. Luna was a brilliant Wanil Rider by now, but even she found this the most difficult ride ever. Partly because it was barely twilight by this time and she still felt stiff. It was a long ride. Luna felt as though it would never end. Half in a stupor, she felt her ride race across flat ground, swim over rivers, and finally felt their pace slow as they proceeded up a smooth, steep slope.
'Get off me and look down Luna.'
Luna got up, stumbled, and blacked out.

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