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Ecrivain : "The Heart of the Night: Chapter 9"

She was right to climb on to Vastwars. After whirling through clouds and past stars which glazed her slightly ('Vastwars had told me that stars were safe' Luna had thought accusingly), her ride landed so abruptly that she tumbled off and clutched the nearest thing that was all around her. A beautiful, short, sharp note reached her ear and she looked down and the long blade of grass in her hand. 'The singing grasses'. Said Vastwars. Luna stood up. They were in a large area of grass surrounded by a ring of trees. The moon shone a milky light into the circle. A wonderful melody, sounding like all the instruments of the world, greeted her ears. 'Oh, it feels like one of those enchanted rings in fairy tails!' She breathed. 'Oh, everything's enchanted if you look at it the right way.' As he said this, Vastwars, who had been carefully surveying the grass in a judgemental way, finished his calculation and began pulling, sliding, and running through the grasses creating amazing music. Luna listened in rapture. ' Oh do let me have a try!' She cried when Vastwars had finished. 'It's all about knowing which sections of blades play which combination of notes.'
As it happened, Luna had always showed promise in the music department, and soon, not did she know the grasses like the back of her hand, she had made a harp out of tree bark which she strung with her favourite grass notes. Luna felt she could live this life for ever.

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