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modifier supprimer 39834 - de Amaani , 10 ans (GBR) - 2021-05-28
Ecrivain : "Heart of the Night: Chapter 8"

Luna felt she was walking in a dream the next few night. The very next day when Luna felt she had woken up and broken through a stone case, she was that the sky was a dark blue and the first stars were twinkling. 'This is the earliest your likely to wake up.' Said a voice behind her. Luna had already come to love that voice. 'Once it's dark enough,' Vastwars went on, 'We will do a little cloud jumping.' Luna steadily became more alert with the brightening of the stars and the darkening of the sky. 'Now,' said her companion suddenly. 'Now we can go. You won't ride on my back today. Well, actually you may for the fist few jumps. But when I say, you must grab on to may tail and do a little leaping for yourself.' 'Will that not hurt?' 'Not at all. Wanil's have very unique tails. Now climb on.' Luna did so and it was just like last time, the only difference being that they were going down a little every time then up. She realised that cloud leaping was very unlike hill climbing, and that it was a nicer feeling to go up, than down. After ten or so jumps, Wanil and rider landed on a large, roomy cloud the former, instead of leaping to the edge and on to the next cloud as Luna expected him to, paused for a second and told her to grab his tail. When he made sure Luna's hands were firmly clasped around his tail, Vastwars took two great bounds, with Luna half leaping, half diving behind him and then with a kicking a little star dust and cloud into Luna's face (It stung but not in a painful way) he dived to the next cloud. Luna, seeing that her guide had kept his legs together, did the same before she felt stars and clouds whirl past her, and the next thing she felt was a large chunk of cloud in her face. 'Luna, I must ask you not to land on your face. You will not have much momentum like that.' With difficulty, the student addressed plucked her head out of the pile of candy floss and clutched at her mentor's tail. This time, she fell on her knees and picked herself up. She felt quite experienced after she had repeated the progress a couple more times. 'Home stretch now.' Luna was not sure what Vastwars meant by 'Home Stretch' but she decided it would be a good idea to get back on his back. Wanil's are full of surprises.

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modifier supprimer 39952 - Réponse de clara , 16 ans (CHN) - 2021-08-08

i think it's fascinating!

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